On Tuesday morning this week, we got up early and took Ella for a run beside the bikes on the trail. The weather was so cool and welcoming that we decided to keep riding after we took Ella back to the camper. We filled the water bottles up and rode to the footbridge that goes to Harper’s Ferry. We locked up our bikes, crossed the footbridge and walked into the town. None of the coffee shops were open, but it was still such good outdoor weather, that we decided to climb the steps to Jefferson’s Rock. The climb wasn’t nearly as difficult at I thought it might be, and when we got there we sat down on this huge rock right near Jefferson’s and talked about whether or not the view was as outstanding as Jefferson claimed it was. The National Park signs over there say that Jefferson said the view was “worth the trip across the Atlantic.”

It was definitely worth a short ride up the C&O canal towpath and a short hike on part of the Appalachian Trail. It felt good to walk, to climb a little.

The corner coffee shop still wasn’t open when we headed back to our bicycles. Seems we do most of our riding and adventuring before the rest of the world wakes up, at least here in rural Maryland/West Virginia.

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